How it All Got Started

You could say it was started by accident ...

Dill Doughs™ is a small business, owned and operated by a feisty female entrepreneur in Kincardine, Ontario, Canada.

Meet Monique Travale, Founder of Dill Doughs™.

It was a beautiful day in June, along the picturesque shores of Prince Edward County, Ontario when myself, my husband and two of our closest friends biked the trails with the intent of visiting the local vineyards.

Heeding the advice of a well meaning local (and totally going against the published information found in the “Wine Tours” map we picked up AND our own instincts)…..we turned right.

You see, the map told us we should turn left where there was a plethora of vineyards nicely grouped within close proximity to each other.

But ooooohhhhh no.

We thought we had some secret insider tip.

We hopped onto our bikes and we biked….and biked and biked for what seemed like forever.

Inspired by … DILL PICKLE PIZZA?

We finally arrived at the beautiful lakeside town of Picton…..not having passed a single vineyard.

Sore, ticked off and very thirsty, we popped into a wonderful microbrewery (shout out to the 555 Brewing Co).

We ordered the MOST delicious pizza I have ever had.

It was a Dill Pickle pizza.

YUM. I was hooked.

Disappointment soon disappeared, it was meant to be!

Amongst the laughter of the day’s unexpected turn of events, we consoled ourselves around a campfire (did I mention we had purchased wine the night before?) and laughed an absurd amount about how we were duped.

For days afterwards we just kept asking ourselves “why???

Why didn’t we turn left?”

But I could not get the pickle pizza off my mind. The whole ride home to Kincardine I was wracking my brain….”what else can be made with dill? And how can I combine my love of baking into some sort of dill-icious venture”.

Get Your Dill On . . .

Fast forward to July. I was obsessed with the thoughts of a dill-y type business.

Restaurant or Bakery …both are TONS of work and overhead and money and time.

My late father was a deli / butcher shop owner so I knew the work involved in a retail store as well.

So ….(here it comes)….one day while preparing some bread mixes to take to a retirement party… I decided to add some dill to each of the 3 mixes.

These recipes were tried and true family favourites.

I proudly announced to my family that I added dill to all the doughs, they are dill doughs….and THAT was it!

Dill Doughs™ was born!

Saying it out loud led to unstoppable fits of laughter.

Each time I repeated the story to friends, the laughter increased, along with several sketchy slogan ideas and cheeky marketing advice….and the rest, as they say, is history.

Dill Doughs™ was born!

My children were mortified and my husband supportive!

Turns out that turning right actually turned out right!!!

Get your Dill on….. give my Dill Doughs™ a try.

Made in Small Batches in Kincardine, Ontario

These mixes make a unique, and somewhat cheeky, gift for anyone on your birthday, bridal, housewarming, Christmas, etc. list! Visiting grandma? Why not bring her some Dill Doughs? Bridal Party? Tell the ladies you’ll bring the Dill Doughs!

Why not start any get together by sharing some Dill Doughs!

You are not only giving the gift of an absolutely fantastic tasting, homemade (made by you) bread… are bringing a smile (and dare I say pleasure!) to someone who just might need some Dill Doughs™.

My Mission

To provide wholesome, easy to make, dill-icous bread mixes AND uncontrollable laughter, big time joy, silly conversations, pleasure (haha) and fun with each and every Dill Dough™.

- Monique Travale, Founder

The DillDoughs Difference

  • Premium Ingredients

    Exceptional bread starts with superior quality ingredients for an unforgettable taste.

  • User-Friendly Mixes

    Our convenient bread mixes make baking homemade bread a breeze.

  • Artisanal Craftsmanship

    Experience the artistry and expertise in every loaf
    you bake.