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We are thrilled with the response Dill Doughs have been getting in retail stores. We’ve attended enough markets and events ourselves to know the fun responses you will get from passers by, when they see our product on your shelves. We are being asked all the time… where can we get more Dill Doughs!

Dill Doughs work best in specialty food shops, local artisan shops and markets. Recently craft breweries have taken an interest in our German bread mix as an upsell with their beer products. Why? Well, for our German bread mix, simply add beer!

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We’re a growing company passionate about  providing wholesome, easy to make, dill-icous bread mixes AND uncontrollable laughter, big time joy, silly conversations, pleasure (haha) and fun with each and every Dill Dough sold.

We concentrate on quality, transparency, and service at every step of the way.

If you have a like-minded approach to deliver an entertaining, fun experience that’s likely to promote laughter with your customers, we’re very interested in talking with you about working together.

If you run a boutique style retail shop, specialty food shop, or craft brewery and would like to learn more about selling our Dill Dough products, please contact us using our form below.

We will get back to you shortly.